Thursday, May 03, 2007

I wrote a new song this week

Just wanted to share a new song - it's the product of some inspiration from looking at a hymnal I found in the pew at St. Anthony's a while back, along with some thoughts from the Holy Thursday liturgy where we hear about Judas year after year. Here it is:

Said Judas

Said Judas to Mary, “About that perfume –
It’s an extravagant waste, and you shouldn’t assume
that you’ll impress Jesus by filling the room
With the thick, heavy scent of expensive perfume…
True holy women, they think of the poor –
They keep to the background and don’t act like whores.
The Master’s saving the world – he doesn’t have time for just one.”
She stood back embarrassed, but Judas wasn't done.

Said Judas to Peter, “I know what you want -
to be right-hand man in the Kingdom of God.
Your “humble fisherman” act is a transparent fraud –
To condemn and control people – that’s what you really want…
You don’t understand what real people go through,
and I won’t be led by a coward like you.
Neither would the rest, if they’d seen what I’ve seen.”
Then Peter went out, and he wept bitterly.

Said Judas to the chief priests, “What can I say?
Jesus spoke of a Kingdom, like we had back in the day,
But he’s misused his power and made some bad plays –
And it’s looking like time for a full expose’...
And I just want my share of the credit, you know –
I think I deserve a little quid pro quo.
I’ll sell you my story for the going market rate.”
They shook on the deal, then Judas went out to celebrate.

Said Judas to Jesus in the garden that night,
“Dear Master, I’ve come to help you see the light.
Don’t look at me like that – you know that I’m right!
Just go with us now, and it’ll all be over by tomorrow night...
I realize my actions might be misunderstood
But you know that I love you – it’s for your own good.
You would have been a great king, how could you let it come to this?"
Then Jesus said, “Judas, you’ve betrayed me with your kiss.”

Said Judas to the children of God in that place,
“Beware as you contemplate my fall from grace –
You never can tell just when I’ll show my face.
You’ll never be rid of me, ‘cause you stand in my place...
You’ll hear me speak through your brother, or maybe see me in the mirror.
Whether your heart’s free with love, or shackled by fear,
it’ll scream who you are without making a sound.
Remember you’re headed my way, to a hole in the ground.”

- © KJL April 2007