Thursday, November 10, 2005

Welcome, visitors from CAEI!

In checking Mark Shea's blog this morning, I see that he's blogged about my album, Light in Our Darkness, and my website, Thanks, Mark - and thank you for coming out! Hope you enjoyed the hors d'oeurves on the Writing page - and if you haven't checked out the album yet, there's streaming audio available of all the songs on the Music page. It's gentle, mellow music - classical with folk and New Age influences. Think "Brahms-meets-Enya-meets-Loreena-McKennitt". There are also some clips on Hope you like it!

The day job calls - I'll post more later today, hopefully. So nice to have you! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Well Kathleen, that was a very nice piece of writing in Godspy on your visit to Flannery O'Connors grave and home town. Thank you.

KathleenLundquist said...

Thanks so much, Stephen - glad you enjoyed it.

Stop in again.