Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Keep Satan in Christmas!

A shocking title for a blogpost, I know - one that's likely to send some of my recent visitors (see below) from 0 to Apoplectic in 1.6 seconds. But I just had to share this nice little piece in Touchstone Magazine with you on the blessings that the "liturgy" of Christmas carols can bring to us. Enjoy.


Niall Mor said...

Um, Kathleen.

Shouldn't there be a link in this piece somewhere? You tell us about this cool piece in Touchstone magazine and then provide no way for us to get there to read it. Just wondering.

KathleenLundquist said...
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KathleenLundquist said...

Sorry - thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the link, and it should take you there now.

Cheers, Kathleen